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My “WHY”

My “WHY”

If you do what makes you happy, you will never work a day in your life.  That is so not true.  Massage makes me happy.  Specifically — giving people massages makes me happy.  I’m happier giving a massage than getting one.  Why?  Because I love being able to help people feel better.  I love that what I do can have an effect on their moods, their muscles, their very future.  (I can be dramatic if I want to, it’s my blog.)


I first became interested in massage while married to someone in the military.  He was constantly complaining about his aches and pains after road marches and exercises.  He would ask me to give him a massage … and I would always come up with the excuse, “But you do such a better job at them that I do.”  We were separated in 2010 … I moved to Jackson, MO and the US Army put him in South Korea.  I did some research online and discovered that Metro Business College in Cape Girardeau had a 9 month massage therapy course.  My husband was due to return stateside in a year, so this was perfect!  I could take the courses and be able to help him when we were back together.


Thus began my love affair with massage.  I ended up liking the course a lot more than I thought I would.  And, I found out that contrary to my popular belief… I was actually better at it than I thought I was.  Who knew?!?!  Well, all of my clients— now!!!


Massage, to me, is a conversation.  It’s a conversation between my hands and your muscles.  I listen with my hands to what your muscles are trying to tell you, but you are too stubborn to hear.  That knot didn’t form overnight.  It took days to build up.  Days where your body was trying to tell you that something was wrong … but you wouldn’t listen.  So I do.  My hands listen to the tightness across your shoulders.  The knot on your scapula.  The twitch in your calf.  My hands listen and try to mediate a treaty of sorts between you and your body.  

Susan Bieniek